Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Monday, August 31, 2009

Start with a cup of coffee

Bitter, dark and hot

Sweetened a bit with sugar

Lightened a bit with milk

Carefully sipped out of favorite cups

Hot as my mouth can stand it

Warming my throat and belly

Leaving immediate unequaled contentment

Sustaining and Strengthening

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old Photographs

Black and White and Gray

Framed in White

Some with Dates

Some with Names

A familiar Face

A familiar Place

Ancients proving Genetic

A Smile

A Pose

A Passion

Our own Behavior discovered in Younger Versions of Ancestors



Time Standing Still on a Small Glossy Sheet

Proof of Time Stampeding

Ever Onward

Ever Forward

Small Reminders of Who we are

Where we come From

Scaling back to survive

No more cable television.

Netflix!! :)

He has his cell phone and I have mine.

Basic and plain - no texting or fancy stuff

No house phone.

The fax machine is going away too.

Eating less (lots less)

Coloring my own hair (Cut it short too - so less color is needed!)

Not eating out as often - maybe once a week...and only nutritionally correct foods.

Fixing the upstairs into an apartment to rent out.

Planning a new room addition to rent out.

Not buying new clothes as often.

Sewing! Using up old fabric that has been sitting in boxes or on shelves for years.

Making gifts - crochet, sewing, craft or cooking.

Being more creative!

Grew our own tomatoes this summer. Don't know if it actually 'saved' money though - with the drought and all. :(

Walking or riding the bike for the shorter neighborhood trips.

Use the more gas efficient vehicle if you have more than one. Consider taking the other off the insurance and just parking it for awhile. OR - sell it!


Shop the ads before going to the market.

Shop with a list!

Have a weekly meal plan

Remember to use your lists and plans! :)

Turn off the lights when not in use.

Unplug the appliances that have a little red night light. If they have a light on at night - they are wasting electricity.

Don't keep the cell phone on the charger too long. Once it is charged - it is charged. If you leave it plugged in after that - wasting electricity!

Water only the trees and bushes in this drought. Grass has to wait for rain :(

Cut WAY back on Soda Pop!

If we want to go to the movies - I buy the $6.50 tickets through Human Resources at work. Otherwise - it is $11 at the theater!! But- be careful - it is still $25 for a tub of popcorn and 3 sodas! So - eat first! (Costco sells cheaper movie tickets too)

Buy gas at Costco and use the Costco American Express Card - it is cheaper and you get a rebate!

Buy certain staples at Costco...but be very careful that you do not overbuy things that might get wasted.

Use the library instead of buying new books or magazines

Sell your old stuff! Yard Sale, Craig's list, etc.

Save a portion of each paycheck in some type of savings account. Research first! Get the best interest rate you can find. I get 5% interest in a fixed 3year savings account through my 401K at work.

When you need to buy something - check Craig's list. You might be able to get a used item of good quality for lots less money.
(At work - I bought a used freezer for $75 that is more reliable than my new one! When the commercial freezer broke - we had to save the food quick - and there was my little $75 gem on Craig's list. It cost $1,000 to fix the commercial freezer - AND the commercial freezer uses more electricity!)

Keep your tires inflated properly. If they get too low on air - you get worse gas milage AND your tires wear out more quickly.

If you have a habit you want to break - it is probably a good time to break it. You will save alot if you don't buy cigarettes, beer, junk food, etc.
I wanted to quit cussing - so I started a cuss bank. Everytime I cuss I have to put a dollar in the jar. It helps me to stay on task of not cussing - and I get a little mad money in the end. :)
I have also lost 80pounds this year by just not eating so much! Saved alot of money there! And gained better health. :)

It is time for Americans to get back to basics - in so many things. Getting a better handle on your finances will make you feel more secure. You will be happier when you use your creativity to help your self survive these hard times.

A friend of mine told me that we should always know how much money is in our wallets. The money should be kept neatly in our purses - we should respect it. I think there is wisdom in her statement.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Good luck and enjoy your new and creative ways to live.