Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mojitos from my Friend

I am enjoying my first mojito.  It is blueberry flavored and kick ass strong.  The mint is from our yard.  The sugar rimmed glass is yummy.  The blueberry plus vodka (?) is very yummy 80 proof.  I feel myself relaxing.  

First my shoulders feel tense and then they slowly give way to a lower silhouette...and the rest of the body follows suit.  Wow.  This is lovely.

I had a wonderful conversation with my daughter today - via e-mail - and I made plane reservations to visit her in Seattle over Valentine Weekend.  I am happy.  Boyd and I will babysit while Laura and Ian enjoy a Valentine date night.  I hope they make reservations for something fun and wonderful.

I am losing my language skills as I hit the halfway mark on the glass.  Lisa said to bang on the ceiling when I want another drink.  I think the broom is next to the washing machine.  It will make a good banger.

Boyd and Andrew bought the parts to complete the automatic gate today.  It was a very reasonable Craig's List find.  Having an automatic gate will be great!  Everyone will appreciate it - rather than having to get in and out of the car to open and close the large gate.

When I return from Seattle I will get in contact with the Carlsbad Antique Mall and see if I can rent a booth.  I want to sell all my old "stuff".  The stuff that I have accumulated over 35 or more years.  I've enjoyed some of it - and some of it has always been in the garage or shed.  I'd like to get down to basics soon.  Minimal stuff.  I can make some money and enjoy the atmosphere of antiques - and if I want to, I can peruse estate sales and keep the booth going for a while.  I think my step mother and father have things they want to be rid of also.  And I bet their stuff is older than mine!  

We will go whale hunting and chasing tomorrow.  Perhaps I will have good photos to post.  It is fun to chase them.  We cannot keep up with the extremely fast critters - but it seems they have a feeding routine that we can anticipate.  They are so beautiful and it is much fun.  Memo to self - wear sunscreen!

Lucy is getting better at minding.  I played with her today and she came every time I called...even though it took some time - she Did come.  Good girl Lucy.

Okay, time to bang on the ceiling.  Have a lovely evening.  

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