Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4years old in kindergarten

When I was 4 we lived in Fair Oaks, California. Our rented house was on a gravel road off of a main Boulevard. There were three houses on that road. The one that was on the boulevard, us in the middle and a large "mansion" at the top of the hill and the end of the gravel road. Our house was also on another road that led to a newer neighborhood that was hilly and there was a river at the bottom of the hill. Our house was on flat ground and the hill up to the mansion began just west of that other road. There was alot of open land between us and the mansion. Our house was small and had lots of different kinds of dark wallpaper; era 1940 I think. The garage was a seperate building to the side and set back from the road a bit. The driveway was gravel. the front yard had a tree, a grassy lawn and 3 cement circles where flowers had been planted. It was pretty and quaint. Across the street was lined in pink oleander that was very tall and very bushy.

My sister Gigi was 2 years old and Momma was pregnant with Sigrid. My Dad worked at Aerojet as a chemist. We lived close to my Grandparents house on Heather Road. My aunt Karen still lived at home with Grandma and Grandpa.

We had a black standard poodle that like to run away. I remember little about him, except that we were looking for him alot. And that Dad said if he ran away one more time we would not look for him anymore... and one day - he was gone for good. Later that night I had a stuffed gray poodle on my pillow.

I learned to ride a two wheel bike there. Daddy had me on the bike riding on the paved streets in the new neighborhood. As I recall Daddy pushed me off and I went down the hill and landed into a rose bush just near the river. Dad says I took off on my own towards the river, for reasons unclear to him. Funny how memories are - and the hows and whys of young reasoning is a hoot! After that I could ride a two wheel bike though.

The mansion neighbors on the hill had horses. I could see them riding their horses on the weekends and one day I decided I really wanted to ride their horses. So - I went out and stood on the road where I knew they would pass by. I waited, trying to look cute so that they would offer me a ride. They never did offer. I never would ask - I thought I needed them to offer...I did not want to impose; that would be embarassing.

I remember noticing all the kids in the new neighborhood catching the bus to go to school. I decided I wanted to go to school - so I got in line with them, got on the bus, and went to school! Momma came and got me when they realized I did not belong there. But not to long after that I began kindergarten at San Juan Elementary School. I was 4 years old.

One time in that house I brought my mom some flowers...beautiful pink oleanders. They are a poisonous flower. She grabbed them from my little hands and drug me quickly to the bathroom and scrubbed my hands, explaining that I was never to touch those flowers again! I could have been killed because they were poisonous! I don't think I've ever touched them since.

I've always loved to eat. One day I "stole" a piece of bread. The bread was in a bread box. I got the package out of the box, a piece out of the bag...and left the bag on the counter. There was a bottle of ant poison on the counter also. When Momma came into the kitchen and saw the bread bag out I knew I was in trouble. She was insanely angry! Over bread? No - because of the poison on the counter AND the bread. But I did not understand that. She asked me if I ate the bread. No - Gigi ate the bread. She grabbed Gigi and went into the bathroom and promptly stuck her fingers down poor sister's throat, making her vomit. I felt so guilty, so bad, that I confessed it was really me. So - I got the vomit treatment. Afterwards she had me drink a glass of milk and then lay on the sofa. She called the doctor and everything was okay, but it was scary for awhile

Daddy drove an old Studebaker that used to belong to my Grandpa. Dad worked on the car himself in the garage. There was a cherry picker in there for awhile that is thought was a swing. somehow I played on it. Eventually Daddy told us to stay out of the garage. I remember seeing big black widows in the garage.

One morning we woke up and it was snowing! It does not snow there usually. We were all so excited. My grandmother was there (my mom's mom). She made us eat cream of wheat before we could go outside and play. It was lumpy and hot with brown sugar. We dressed in the warmest clothes and went out in the whiteness. The neighbors had a sled on the hill and we got to slide a little. I don't think we were out very long - it was wet and cold and the snow melted quickly. But it was a fun time.

When Momma was ready to have Sigrid on Christmas Eve, Gigi and I went to stay with Aunt Karen at Grandma and Granpas house. We were playing and running through the house and I tripped on a rug and fell onto a hot floor furnace. Karen took us to the emergency room where I was treated. The doctor wanted the nurse to scrub the burned skin off with a brush. I was petrified! When the doctor left, the nurse told us we did not have to do it that way. Instead she gently washed me with phisohex soap. Karen was there and she was very much like my mom at the time. very concerned, very loving. I had a scar for a long time. I was never angry about it...but I learned recently that Karen felt guilty for years.

Sigrid was born and came home after Christmas. The baby was set under the tree for Gigi and I to dicover. Very cute pictures - and then Gigi pulled the tree down on us all. Ah, good times, good times. No one was injured - but Daddy made a lot of cursing noises.

I like living in that house.

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