Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

coffee and smokes

she really only wants the milk in my coffee, but it looks like she is in love with me. she is lying on the desk, about 2 inches from my left arm, her gaze going between my face and the cup of coffee sitting in front of me - between my nose and the keyboard. A deeply resonant purring and an occasional arm nuzzle to remind me that she is there; Smokey is my company on this rainy morning.

Smokey is the gray long haired offspring of Alice, the best cat in the world. Alice was a mountain girl, born and bred in the wilds of Big Creek, the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She was the epitomy of a good momma. She took care of everyone- Boyd, Andrew, Laura, me and her kittens, and sometimes even the dog. She would warn us of danger, guide us on walks, groom us when we were a mess and referee loud arguements. One time, just a week after the birth of her kttens, I saw her in battle with a racoon (twice her size) over the cat food on the wood shed. Initially the racoon tossed her out of the way like a rag doll. She came back with a feline strength that eventually got the racoon to leave. Her strength and ferocity was amazing! Later that evening Laura dressed her in doll clothes and wheeled her about the house. Her ultimate gift was her life to a coyote so that her daughter Smokey could get out of danger and be safe. I wish all mommas were like that.

Smokey is now 16 years old and lives in the wilds of our home in northern San Diego County. An indoor cat now, she haunts the space under the stairs with regularity. Deaf as a rock and with severe memory problems, she is often seen lying in the dark facing the wall. About half of the time she is ill with some unknown old age disease. Boyd and I enjoy her while we can. She is very opinionated and since she can no longer hear herself, she is quite loud and raspy sounding. She does not seem to have control of her claw retraction susytem, but I suspect it is actually an old lady trick. She always uses her claws when she wants to be picked up. She did not do that when she was younger.

My coffee cup refilled, Smokey is up and walking on the keyboard, aggressivly seeking the hot milk ...ahkk! Stop it cat!!

Ah, nothing like cat slobber and hair in your coffee cup. Glad I made more coffee.

Cat on caffeine. 16 human years x 7per year for cat age = 114 years old. Maybe it isn't just the milk. Maybe the old lady wants the caffeine!


  1. Your writing style is getting a lot better, Mom! I am really impressed. I could give you notes, but you didn't ask for them so I won't.

  2. Waiting for more blogs......... (foot tapping)