Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Saturday, January 9, 2010

swine flu

i've got it.
the flu.
the bug.
i know when i caught it too. i was at the grocery store a few days ago and the shopping cart handle was wet - and there were no bleach wipes available and later in that trip i forgot about my dirty hands and wiped my eye because it itched.
wash your hands!
i think it's the swine flu. i hurt everywhere! and pain reliever is not helping. and now i can't sleep. the flu, plus i'm sleeping in the office with the cat so i don't get my husband sick...and the cat keeps making noises all night. she is a very loud groomer...and purrer.
so i'm up in the middle of the night wondering what to do. i'm almost cold; my bathrobe isn't quite enough to keep the chill away and I forgot to put on my slippers. but now i'm busy writing and the stubborn child will not go get what she needs to be comfortable. No, no...that would be too logical, too practical. instead i am thinking about food. yeah, even with the flu momma loves to eat. i feel like i need some chocolate. argh... my husband ate all the chocolate chip stash. he ate all the coconut stash too! what's with him? well it's probably better this way.
my stomach is louder than the cat's grooming - or boyd's snoring tonight. from the stomach down, every piece of intestine is moving and each inch is making its own special noise. it's an intestinal symphony. at least that does not hurt. Hurray for that anyway. Oh! But the gas will peel paint. Smells like I've got a tire fire goin' on inside.
Oh! - and asparagus. i smell like asparagus.
not nice asparagus either.
old asparagus.
um hmm.
my head hurts the worst. my eyes and temples are like big bruises, except they are not black and blue. they are swollen and feel like i was hit with a couple of bricks up side my head. - and one across my face for good measure.
call the waaambulance!
i should be okay in about a week.
oh goody. a whole week of this. i hope i can think of better things to write about in the interim.
stay healthy.
wash your hands!!

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