Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

some people seek adventure and thrills to feel alive.  they love the adrenaline rush from free falling, and/or the risk of.  falling is something i've never enjoyed.  boyd called skiing 'contolled slipping'.  he is so good at trying to trick my psyche.  :)  love that man.  but, my core still knew it was not in control during the many falls i took on the slopes of the sierra nevada mountains.  the most memorable fall was at sierra summit ski resort in lakeshore near huntington lake.  i body slammed a middle aged man at probably 30 miles per hour or so -  we both flew many yards eastward till the final stop, just short of the giant pylons of the ski lift.  he said he was okay and walked away, but you know how injuries are - usually you feel worse the day after.  very thankful that the snow was soft that day.  very thankful to have missed the steel lift base.  very thankful to have had a man slow me down.

i had been trying to snow plow - to stop - for many yards.  the physical dynamic did not lend itself to the proper end, which would have been to stop.  in other words - i didn't do it right.  either the hill was too steep, my weight too great, my snow plow not constructed properly...  not really sure.  but probably - it was my lack of confidence.  i always somehow knew that confidence was the most important requirement, yet i was not able to get past my fears.    i took alot of snow up my backside in all the falls of those mountain years.  if i thought i was getting out of control i would sit down and try to slow down with my arms.  kind of like snow plowing with the outspread wings of the snow angel.  i considered walking down the hills, but that seemed nearly impossible, the way the slopes were constructed.  the ride up the hill in the chair lift was amazingly beautiful and it  hard to resist going up the mountain.  i used to want to just ride the lift up and down.  dang operators wouldn't let me do it.

i enjoyed the 5 year olds that were in my ski class on the bunny hill.  they were sweet and fun to watch.  the instructor would not let them use poles.  they got so good at manuevering the hills it was fantastic to see.  my kids skiied with no poles too.  laura used finesse, coming down gracefully, and andrew was a speedster- straight down as fast as he could.

that mountain was an amazing opportunity for residents.  we were able to get lessons and rental and ski passes very very discounted.  it was offered through big creek school district.  everyone learned to ski.  it was kind of like swimming - a required class. 

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