Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Monday, May 24, 2010

happy bugs and bunnies - yotees too!

the bugs are winning.  the pumpkins out front have huge leaves that look like they are made of a delicate lace.  it is pretty - if you can forget that they are supposed to be bright green and solid - with no holes.  i put my super duper garlic chile oil soap around - and that seemed to work for about one week.  that chili mixture smells good now - at first it burned my nostrils - but time has turned it to a pleasant and yummy aroma.  maybe that is the problem.  it could get kinda expensive to reapply every week, even when i buy the ingredients at big lots. 

many wild creatures benefit from the garden.  the bugs are attracting more birds to the area.  unfortunately they snack on the apples and strawberries between bugs.  there are some gorgeous birds around now.  boyd says that since the codar fire there have been more species here.  the mockingbird is my favorite though - and the red tailed hawks.  they are less transient - and i notice them more.

my onions are ready to be pulled.  and now my husband has an allergy to onions.  and it is getting worse.  at first he could eat some well cooked onions, but - as of last week - he seems unable to eat any onions.  only onion powder and dried onion seems to not bother him.  what a bummer of an allergy.

the bunnies really like newly sprouted cabbage, lettuce, beets and radish.  they are well fed rabbits.  maybe i should just catch the rabbits and eat them instead of the greens.  such cute bunnies - and they'd be so easy to catch.  the yotees have been munchin on bunnies every night.  emma and abbey bark from a distance, but have learned that they are no longer a match against a hungry yotee eating it's dinner.  boyd and i find bunny leftovers daily.  sometimes emma and abbey find them first though.

so, i guess my garden is really a gift for the wild critters that live around here.

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