Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Life is like a box of chocolates, ya never know wut yer gonna get

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Tomorrow we travel up to Santa Monica for my sister Jill's wedding.  All the sisters will be there, Dad and Maryann, Aunt Karen and Uncle Owen and alot of Jill and John's friends.  Andrew and Laura and Ian will be coming also.  I am not sure of Rhiannon, Gabe and Kurt.  It would surely be nice to see them.  The wedding is on the sand and the reception is at the Annenburg Community Center, which used to be the Marion Davies Estate back in the early days of Hollywood - the 30's specifically.  Hearst owned it and it was used something like the Castle up in San Simeon I understand.  The Northridge earthquake (in the 90's?) damaged it and much was rebuilt since then.  I think it is lovely that it is used for the community.

On Friday there will be a dinner at a restaurant called (I think) "Ocean House" in Santa Monica.    There is no rehearsal and this will be a family dinner instead.  It is hosted by my father and stepmother.

Jill and John will be going to Maui on their honeymoon.  I think Jill said two weeks.  That will be wonderful for them.

Jill is a registered nurse, studying for a master's degree - so she can teach, and John is a sound technician in Hollywood.  If you google his name, you will see he is quite reknowned in that world.  He has done alot of movies I've seen (and heard).  John is going to teach the trade to Vincent (Jill's teenage son).  I think that is fabulous!  What an interesting career.

My sister Sigrid called me the other day to tell me that her son Kurt,who currently serves in the U.S. Army, will be getting married on June 6th is Paso Robles at one of the vineyards.  I think the 6th is a Sunday, so I will have to double check that date.  His bride to be is named Michelle. 

It will be great to see Kurt again.  It has been years!  Kurt will be deployed again to Iraq soon after the wedding.  I believe it is the last deployment of U.S. soldiers to the middle east on President Obama's plan.  Perhaps Kurt will be part of the clean up and clear out crew?

I like the idea of a wedding in a vineyard.  I like the contrast of soft wedding clothes and rough the dynamic of a growing vine and baby grapes everywhere.  And I love the beauty of June in Paso they should be pretty.  Still smallish (harvest is in fall) - but some green on the trellis' by then.

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